Breaking My Comfort Zone

Although I used to break my comfort zone several times, but this time, it's really a big one.

I decide to start my own business together with someone I just met, into a unfamiliar industry. In a way, to be an enterpreneur.

It is a "cannot-be-more-traditional" traditional industry - the agriculture, food industry.

Now, China got a huge crisis on the food industry. Too much unhealthy food are eaten everyday. Even the rich who want to buy "clean" food, they can hardly find them in the supermarket. The needs of trustful healthy food are definite and clear.

The reasons why this food crisis happened are varied. The enterprises need to pay high-and-various tax on their products. And the government on the other hand control their price through administrative means. The enterprise which need earn money turn to cut off their original matrial and mix some addtives similar but cheaper into their products with same taste but lower cost. And to escaping the supervise, they have to bribe the government officer. The most important part is, if people eat these food for long time, they will get chronic disease slowly with even no early warnings! But you can not find 100% "normal" food in the market in the meanwhile. Even the oil, the salt and the milk, even in KFC (most Chinese thinks KFC and McD are "clean" (but not healthy if you eat them very often)). In short, the whole industry is a mess.

It's not realitic to ask the government to change their system or change the officers. So one way to live in this circumstance is offer "real" products to the ones who can accept the high price but win a good name. How about the poors? Sorry but We really couldn't think that far. Maybe we'll donate our benifit after we succeed in the market and change the industry. But at the moment, I have to say sorry but I can do nothing. Let me keep a seed in my heart.

I said "yes" to my partners this evening, and will meet them tomorrow. On Wednesday, we'll meet our retailers. And register our company next week. I just finished my 100 days plan.

No matter how crazy this action is, I'm on my way to enjoy this journey. Best luck of me.