Internet Explorer的用途 | Usage Scenario of Internet Explorer

这篇文章的前提是,在我们日常跟电脑打交道的过程中,大家平时的主浏览器都是Chrome、Firefox以及一些国产的浏览器(下文称“主浏览器”),有人说微软自带的Internet Explorer(以下简称IE)没用,这样的背景下提出的。
The background of this entry is that our main browsers are Chrome, Firefox or other 3rd party browsers( “main browsers” hereinafter). So people says the bundled Internet Explorer from Microsoft is useless.

I disagree.

我们的主浏览器因为已经自定义了许多功能,如插件、皮肤、每次打开程序恢复上次留下的Tab等等,会影响到主浏览器启动速度甚至稳定性。而因为大家平时都不怎么用IE,所以IE并没有上述历史包袱,也正因为这样,IE是stand by速度最快的浏览器。
Our main browsers is lack of launching speed due to so many customized functions such as plugins, extensions, skins et cetera. What’s more the remained Tabs before we closed the browsers last time would be open with the browser because we don’t want to miss our work since last time. And because we don’t use IE so much, IE is the fastest browser if you want to check something online.

So my definition of the usage scenario of Internet Explorer is: just to search or check some certain information and close it immediately.