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写给创业者的13句话 | Startups in 13 Sentences

February 2009

One of the things I always tell startups is a principle I learned from Paul Buchheit: it’s better to make a few people really happy than to make a lot of people semi-happy. I was saying recently to a reporter that if I could only tell startups 10 things, this would be one of them. Then I thought: what would the other 9 be?
我经常给创业者讲的关于创业的一个原则是:尽你的所能,使得少数人获得百分百满意,这样比让大多数人获得一半的满意来得更为重要。这是我从保罗·布希海特(Paul Buchheit)那里学到的。我最近接受了一个记者的采访,他让我说出创业者应该注意的十件事情,我说,这就是其一。但是其他的九个注意事项又是什么?

When I made the list there turned out to be 13:

1. Pick good cofounders.

Cofounders are for a startup what location is for real estate. You can change anything about a house except where it is. In a startup you can change your idea easily, but changing your cofounders is hard.?[1]?And the success of a startup is almost always a function of its founders.
对于创业者来说,一个创业搭档的重要性就有如地点对于房地产的重要性一般。一间房子,你怎么改都行,就是不能改它的地点。对于创业者而言,要改变想法是很容易的,但是要改换创业搭档就很难了。[1] 而每一个草创之业能够取得成功,皆离不开其创立者的共同影响。

2. Launch fast.