Rank Top 1 in Game Center of the game Army of Darkness

Unlock All Achievement in Game Center of the Game Army of Darkness

Since there're limit time for me to play games. More time was spent on the common ground in different games, and try to find something beyond the game. And there are. I'll try to explain some of them in a series of entries later on.

I don't have good words to describe what these are, but the result is clear, which is, as you can see, I just play this game Army of Darkness for the first time and it take about 5 hours to finish all achievement.

It's an ability to see through which is the most key variable in games. For example, PvZ, is the time. Angry Bird, the angle and strength based on several tries.

And for this Army of Darkness, the most important thing is the Iron's gain point which could only earn by time and beat the skeleton. So level this up is the most important. And for endless mode, the most important thing is to beat the final boss as soon as he show up. This depended on the attack exported by the riders. At the same time, the front line should defend at least 3 attacks made by the final boss and the wave. And then, you could enjoy your time with other things just get back to see if the Heroes are out of services and your iPad didn't turn into sleep mode;)

BTW: I didn't buy anything inside this game.

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“我不认为大部分男人,包括我,在他当时那个位置,能做的如他一样。” (via)


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Ha, you got it! It's a wish and maybe a goal. But not mine;)

I "eavesdrop" some other payer in Longua Temple last weekend.

However, as I had heard, then I would do it.

A Rainy Night (@ #2800 Longhua Rd, Shanghai) 下着雨的夜 (摄于龙华路2800号)