The Playing Generation

We all play electric games once upon a time. Everybody could tell some stories about their childhood in memory of playing electric games. We named ourselves: the playing generation.

We took this micro film with lots of tears, most for our memories and passion. Each fragment could bring the memories of childhood back. We are in happy, even if against the parents' objection. We are still the playing generation.

Today, we may hardly feel that happiness again. But thanks to the producers and staffs, who make this film, they made us feel that happiness once more.

Thank you![Video clip embed here, locate the original post to watch.]

Just Before You Fly Abroad Across the Pacific | 就在你飞往大洋彼岸的前几天







Staring Towards People on Road

Recently I crazed about a game: staring opposite walking people when on the road. It is quite interesting. I think it's a great way to build self-confident, and it works.

I was inspired by a Japanese Samurai Technique called "Doujutsu" (瞳術). It's a skill that generally speaking analysis your enemy's status and predict his/her next action. When two Samurais in a confrontation, they don't look their arms or their swords, but stare into their eyes.

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诚实之人 完美中文歌词 押韵 可唱




Marry or Not 要不要结? - 和babynana的书信 (2)





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Why Not Marry 为什么不结婚? - 和babynana的书信 (1)








About 200 Squats, 100 Pushups and 200 Situps

When I felt frustrated or disappointed, I do sports.

Although I keep running jogging for nearly 4 years. But by lacking of measure, I didn't feel the change of my body. It says that to keep up is the best reword to it. But I didn't think so. I'd like to make visible changes.

And I recently picked up the basic training which through my entire college life. Such as pushups, situps and squats. I also got several excellent sports software from iPad, some of which are quite helpful with self examination.

Here's a list of my favorite:

  • 200 Squats: A personal scientific schedule to help you finish 200 squats in 8 weeks.
  • 100 Pushups: A personal scientific schedule to help you finish 100 pushups in 8 weeks.
  • 200 Situps: A personal scientific schedule to help you finish 200 situps in 8 weeks.
  • Nike+ GPS: Collect your running speed, trace and time. And upload to Nike website to work out how much calories your burn during running. (Ruun Liu has also recommend Nike+ program in his blog [thumbnail the pic])
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Internet Connection Settled Finally

After a long waiting and negotiating, we finally settled a 100M+100M Internet connection by China Telecom in our new office. But When I started to check my Google Reader, which was and always 1000+, I suddenly felt there's no so much intentions to read every single item. And after a scratch, I "mark all as read" and close my browser.

The information are so easy to get nowadays, and I got them without cherish nor be thankful. I took it as it ought to be.

So does in a relationship. If you offered everything he/she wanted and let it become a habit, your couple could probably take it as it ought to be, without any cherish nor be thankful. And if you didn't satisfy once. You'll meet the deal breaker. This mentioned me a tale about the fisherman and the golden fish.

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