1. Focus on people – their lives, their work, their dreams.
1. 以用户为中心 - 他们的生活,工作以及梦想。

The Google User Experience team works to discover people’s actual needs, including needs they can’t always articulate. Armed with that information, Google can create products that solve real-world problems and spark the creativity of all kinds of people. Improving people’s lives, not just easing step-by-step tasks, is our goal.

Above all, a well-designed Google product is useful in daily life. It doesn’t try to impress users with its whizbang technology or visual style – though it might have both. It doesn’t strong-arm people to use features they don’t want – but it does provide a natural growth path for those who are interested. It doesn’t intrude on people’s lives – but it does open doors for users who want to explore the world’s information, work more quickly and creatively, and share ideas with their friends or the world.


综上所述,一个好的谷歌设计的产品在日常生活中很有用的。它不会试图用尖端科技和视觉风格来让用户印象深刻 - 尽管它有时是这样的。它不会强烈的要求用户使用他们不想使用的功能 - 却会为感兴趣的人提供一个自然的学习途径。它不会侵犯到人们的生活 - 却会为想要展示信息的人们提供途径,为想要更快捷又有创造性的工作的人提供途径,为想要将想法分享给朋友和世界的人提供途径。


Visit Brown Rice | 参观 Brown Rice

今天去了Brown Rice,一家坐落在安化路小弄堂里的服装设计公司。

非常有特色的一点,是Brown Rice的雇员除了高端设计师外,有些服装制作人员是贫困地区的人和残障人士。因为有些人可能行动不方便,但不妨碍手工活,这种结合商业和道德双重标准的理念我十分赞同和欣赏。

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