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Dynamic Utopia 动态乌托邦

Just finished reading Plato’s Utopia and other related works about the “neverland”. I think the finalized Utopia is impossible for the resources are always limited. But at some circumstances, it’s not a mirage.


For instance, in the fairy tale “The farmer and the goldfish”, every time the goldfish satisfy the old woman by giving them what they want, the day was perfect without regrets. It’s a very short moment though, they are in Utopia, until the next day the old woman want something more.


So – Because the definition of Utopia is “The Republic”, and it’s realizable, Utopia exist. The doom of Utopias is because new needs or some other unstabilized factors. So it can be understood as Utopia is short and fleeting. Meanwhile the desire to be better for human never stop, so at some point, the Republic came out. And after some time, it disappeared until its next born. Just like some theory in quantum physics.

所以 —— 因为乌托邦的定义是“理想国”,而理想是一个可以被满足的东西,因此乌托邦是存在的。只不过因为新的需求或不稳定因素打破了现有的平衡,才导致乌托邦的毁灭。所以可以理解为乌托邦是短暂存在、稍纵即逝的。而人类的上进心和追求理想的脚步总是不停止的,所以总会有某个瞬间,在某个环境下,理想国诞生了。一段时间以后,它又消灭了,直到下一次的诞生。跟量子物理中的某些理论互相映射。

Conclusion, it’s a dynamic balanced system if we put together the born and disappear period of a Utopia, just like the classic price fluctuates around value in market economy theory.