I'm Just an Ordinary Human Being

It takes a really long time to make me realize and accept that I'm just an ordinary being, like everybody else.

Greenland Xujiahui Shanghai

I considered myself as a genius, a superman, and Mr. Incredible inside all of my days. No offense but yes I really think I am. However, as time goes by, so much thing I imagine to do couldn't to be done by my limitation, which pressure me to ask myself a question: Are you really you think you are?

Perhaps I would accept that I'm just an ordinary human being, like everybody else. Make living with a ordinary job, and stop dreaming much. Follow the majority's footprint, live as part of their lives. Make my parents happy and proud. Bunch with my friends. Marry an ordinary girl, buy a tiny house and a normal car, make one or two babies. Read newspapers and drink teas after getting old. Watch through the whole society from my balcony or yard.

What a unwillingly life to live!

But there must be somthing that makes me different from others, more than physically but mentally.

Even if the life itself is a hard journey, that one's faith to good will shall never die. And whatever the world turned gloomy, that one should believe the righteous, the fair and justice shall shine on us finally. The impartial, the integrity, curiosity, the duty, obligation and honor should stand out our shoulder, and be our spiritual strength. And no matter how suffering our lives are, we shall never lose our faith and hope.