The longer I work with different teams, the more important I feel to respect my work and my team member’s job.

Respect is kind of attitude-level thing. So for junior level colleagues, they will do work well despite their attitude is “right” or “wrong”. But as you level up, especially when you are the CEO of a company. Everyone will be affected by your attitude.

I did a lot of wrong things to realize how important the respect is.

For example, once my company got a contract help create a website. One of the function is visitors can download virtual gifts on the souvenir page, so they can use these icons as their portfolio image on Twitter, or send virtual flowers to their friends on Facebook. It’s very simple page and I just decide to put 20 images on and let the client review the designs. I had thought it’s very easy to change these images if the clients have comments. But I was wrong.

It’s very easy for me to decide a number, indeed. But after several rounds of revise, I realised the process of all these would be really a hell. And after the project, I summarised the project, this virtual gifts part should be done within 8 hours, but actually we waste nearly 20 hours on this. The cost shocks me.

People are learning by doing. The most important thing for a CEO is not to lead the wrong way. Sometime it’s just one word from your mouth but one day work for your fellows. This makes me take care of every word I said, every email I write, every decision I make.